Oil Seeds Pre treatment

In the oil line, before the extrusion of oil from oil containing materials, an oil pretreatment process is typically undertaken to improve the efficiency of production and to ultimately save on costs. The entire oil milling process generall

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In the oil line, before the extrusion of oil from oil containing materials, an oil pretreatment process is typically undertaken to improve the efficiency of production and to ultimately save on costs. The entire oil milling process generally includes: cleaning, sieving, hulling, separation, cracking, particle making, frying, softening, flaking, drying, and expelling oil materials. The process: cleaner --> sheller --> dehuller --> crusher / flaker --> steam cooker --> softening --> extruder --> dryer.

we always refers to the seed processing section during the entire oil processing plant. Seed processing is to make the seeds in the best condition to process the most oil out, in other words, it is applied to best improve the production efficiency and save costs.

The pretreatment usually means the working procedures of detaching the impurities out of the oil material. These impurities here generally refer to the following items:

Organic impurities, such as the stem leaf, cord, chemical fibers, velveteen and their seeds;
The inorganic impurities, such as soil, dinas and metal, about oil-bearing impurities.
The method of seed preparation does vary from material to material depending upon its oil content and physical properties. We grouped them into three categories: Oil Cakes, Oil Bearing Seeds (Soybeans, Sunflower, Rape Seed, Canola) and Floury Materials (Rice Bran). For different raw materials, we have different solutions.
However, all the pretreatment design will be adjusted according to different types of oil seeds and at the same time, you must take the clients’ exact requirements into consideration!

Oilseed pretreatment processing process:

1.Oilseed Cleaning And Selecting
Oil seed cleaning and selcting is an improtant processing to the whole oil press process. we are careless to choose the oilseed, the impurities within it may harm the oil press equipment in cleaning and separating process. Sand among the seeds may block the machine hardware. Chaff or huller left in the seed absorbs oil and prevents it from being expelled by the oilseed cleaning equipment. Also, stones in the seeds may do damage to screws of the oil mill machine. Our company has designed professional oilseed cleaner and separators to hazard these accidents while producing quality products. A efficient vibrating screen is installed to sieve the worst impurities. A suction-style specific grabity destoner was set up to remove stones and mud. In cleaners and separators, our company also put in place a dust-cleaning system to make sure a clean work environment. Of course, vibrating sieve is essential equipment during oilseed cleaning. Vibrating sieve adopted advanced technology is one of oilseed cleaning machines. It is a common machine alaways used in the oilseed processing plant. Vibrating sieve is widely used to clean the raw material in flour mills, feed works, rice plant, oil plants and chemical plants.
2.Oilseed Dehuller Equipment
After cleaning, shelled oilseeds such as sunflower seeds and peanut are conveyed to the seed dehuller equipment to divid the kernels. Our oilseed dehuller machines adopted unique seed dehuller are controlled by frequency conversion technology. Oilseeds which remain unhulled are recycled within the equipment until properly dehulled. 
3.Oilseed Softening Machine
Finished dehuller, oilseeds need to be softened. Softening is mainly to adjust temperature and moisture of oilseeds to improve oil yield and qualitys. Some oilseeds such as the soybean lower oil yield have to be softened before flaking. During the softening process, the oilseeds are faced with ideal pliability in order to improve flaking environment and efficiency. While some high oil seeds can flake dircetly after dehulling without softening.
4.Oilseed Flaking Machine
Flaking is the essence of the oil extraction plant. Conditioned oilseeds are convey to the flaking machine after softening/crushing. Flaking is mainly to make softening/crushing oilseeds into flat pieces with thickness under the mechanical impact process to break the histocyte, enlarge the pressing area of the oilseeds. Our oilseeds flaking machines are designed with safe reliability and apply to all kinds of softened and crushed oilseeds such as soybean, sunflower seed, cotton seed peanut and castor bean, etc.
5.Oilseed Extruding Machine
Oilseed extruding machine is usually used for soybean seed processing. Recently it can also be used to manufacture various expanded feeds in oil, rice bran and  process the flaked rapeseeds, cotton seeds etc. by certain seed processing equipment. our oil extruding machine is specifical for soybeans. Our machine has beautiful appearance, compact structure, simple installation, high quality automation and rapid warming pressing chamber. The oil yield is higher than normal extruding machine and extruded oil is clear and pure flavor. The first choose, our extruding machine, you can get best edible oil.


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