Aerial Performances


If you're looking for something to give your event that “Wow!" factor, an aerial performance will leave your audience begging for more!
Grace and strength are displayed throughout our routines. We do short shows and long shows, indoor shows and outdoor shows, family-friendly shows and grown-ups-only shows. We can be a self-contained show or part of your larger performance or event. Single and multiple acts are available.

Your Aerial Entertainment Options

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Spotlight Aerial Act

A Spotlight Aerial Act refers to a stand-alone aerial act choreographed to music, usually between three and five minutes in length. This act can be a solo, a duet, or a group number. If you are planning to have one or more points during your event where your guests’ attention will be directed toward and focused solely on the aerialists, a Spotlight Aerial Act is a good choice.

Spotlight performances that showcase an artist’s unique talents. One act generally lasts from 3-5 minutes.

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Ambient Aerial Entertainment

Ambient Aerial Entertainment refers to slow, sustained aerial movements that an aerialist performs for a set of fifteen to twenty minutes, usually to music played by a band or DJ. If you want to have aerial entertainment as a feature of your event but will not be directing your guests’ attention to the aerialists at any given time, Ambient Aerial Entertainment is a good choice.

Ambient performance generally performed in 15 minutes per hour sets running throughout the event.

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Aerial Workshop

An aerial workshop is an exciting option for a hands-on teambuilding event. All guests will be able to experience an aerial apparatus first hand. Sky Dance Studio will show each guest 2 to 3 moves on the selected apparatus

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Aerial Bartending

Aerial Bartending is an exciting option for beverage service at adult events- our aerialists will pour champagne for your guests while suspended from an aerial apparatus!


Sky Dance Studio aerialists perform on a variety of apparatuses, including Silks, Trapeze, Lyra and Hammock! Here are a few of the most popular apparatuses

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Aerial Silks

Also known as Aerial Tissu or Fabrics, are one of the most popular aerial performance apparatuses. Graceful and ethereal, a silks performance will provide a truly magical interlude at your event.

View a Silks performance...

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A Lyra (Aerial Hoop) performance is a beautiful, impressive addition to any event. The strength, grace, and coordination of the performer shows front and center on this spinning apparatus.

View a Lyra performance...

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Aerial Hammock

This is the apparatus of choice for our aerial workshops, bartending and ambient aerial entertainers.

View a Hammock performance...

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A dynamic, exciting apparatus is a popular choice for event planners who want to add an impressive flair to their event.

View a Trapeze performance...

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