Aerial Classes

Who can do our classes?

Our classes cater to the average person who perhaps works a full time job, but is looking to gain strength, flexibility and grace through aerial dance. We combine a progressive teaching method that has students learn new moves close to the ground with a 6 metre tall practice space that helps students get stronger on climbs. All classes will be taught with active spotting and crash mats to ensure proper safety precautions are followed.

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Aerial silks classes

Aerial silk (also known as aerial contortion, aerial ribbons, aerial silks, aerial tissues, fabric, ribbon, or tissu, depending on regional preference) is a type of performance in which one or more artists perform aerial acrobatics while hanging from a special fabric.


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Aerial hoop/Lyra classes

The aerial hoop (also known as the lyra, aerial ring or cerceau) is a circular steel apparatus (resembling a hula hoop) suspended from the ceiling, on which circus artists may perform aerial acrobatics


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Trapeze Workshop

Static trapeze refers to a trapeze act in which the performer moves around the bar and ropes, performing a wide range of movements including balances, drops and hangs while the bar itself stays mostly in place.


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Aerial Hammock Workshop

Aerial Hammock is a single loop of fabric hung from above that is climbed, wrapped around the body, and/or tied to create dramatic drops, poses, and movements in the air.  Unlike an Aerial Yoga Hammock, Aerial Hammocks are used for aerial dance and performance


Aerial classes for kids:

For kids aged between 10 and 15, we have an aerial class on Saturdays between 9:00 and 10:00. Space is limited and we may require an assessment to ensure that your child has the motor coordination to benefit from the class.
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Nicole Tran - Student

"Sky Dance Studio challenged me to become more fit, more beautiful and more incredible on the silks. I have been spoilt by the teachers, the studio and the silks. Great education, great quality and great personalities. I'm so grateful to have found the studio and experienced what it had to offer. Highly recommend to all."

Nicole lives in Australia, as part of an university exchange program she studied in South Africa for 4 months and trained with Sky Dance Studio. Thumbnail Image 1
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