Dance Trapeze Workshop

What is Dance Trapeze?

Static/Dance trapeze refers to a trapeze act in which the performer moves around the bar and ropes, performing a wide range of movements including balances, drops and hangs while the bar itself stays mostly in place. The difficulty on a static trapeze is making every move look effortless. It is like dance, in that most people of a reasonable level of strength can get onto the bar for the first time and do the tricks but an experienced artist will do them with much more grace and style.

Type of training we do

Trapeze Fitness encompasses the gracious art of trapeze, the excitement of the Circus, and offers you a workout like no other. Unlike the Flying Trapeze, the Static Trapeze does not swing- rather, the aerialist executes poses, rolls, beats, and other movements on and around the apparatus. 
All workshops will be taught with active spotting and crash mats to ensure proper safety precautions are followed. The studio also has the flexibility to change the height of the trapeze throughout class to accommodate the varying skills of the students, allowing for a comfortable learning environment.

We offer Trapeze workshops throughout the year. View our schedule or contact us if you are interested in private classes or to arrange a workshop for a group.

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Nicole Tran - Student

"Sky Dance Studio challenged me to become more fit, more beautiful and more incredible on the silks. I have been spoilt by the teachers, the studio and the silks. Great education, great quality and great personalities. I'm so grateful to have found the studio and experienced what it had to offer. Highly recommend to all."

Nicole lives in Australia, as part of an university exchange program she studied in South Africa for 4 months and trained with Sky Dance Studio. Thumbnail Image 1
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