Private Aerial classes

Why do private classes?

We offer private classes on aerial silks, beginning lyra, beginning trapeze

Reasons to take a private class include:

  • One-on-one instruction
  • Extra teaching time
  • Focus on learning new skils
  • Practise skills you have learned in class
  • Unable to make set class times.

Types of private classes:

  • private lessons
  • shared privates
  • private groups

We will schedule your private class on request.

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Nicole Tran - Student

"Sky Dance Studio challenged me to become more fit, more beautiful and more incredible on the silks. I have been spoilt by the teachers, the studio and the silks. Great education, great quality and great personalities. I'm so grateful to have found the studio and experienced what it had to offer. Highly recommend to all."

Nicole lives in Australia, as part of an university exchange program she studied in South Africa for 4 months and trained with Sky Dance Studio. Thumbnail Image 1
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