Aerial Silks Classes

Aerial silks can be done by everyone!

Aerial silk (also known as aerial contortion, aerial ribbons, aerial silks, aerial tissues, fabric, ribbon, or tissu, depending on regional preference) is a type of performance in which one or more artists perform aerial acrobatics while hanging from a special fabric. Performers climb the suspended fabric without the use of safety lines, and rely only on their training and skill to ensure safety. They use the fabric to wrap, suspend, fall, swing, and spiral their bodies into and out of various positions. Aerial silks may be used to fly through the air, striking poses and figures while flying.

Type of training we do:

From your first class, there will be a focus on improving your grip strength, core strength, flexibility and endurance in climbing and standing on the silks. This is important to progressing to more difficult poses, linking poses together and one day perhaps even performing to music. This conditioning however, will be performed alongside learning footlocked poses close to the ground. In this way, strength will improve alongside your ability to move in the air, making the learning process more enjoyable with clear achievements along the way.
All classes will be taught with active spotting and crash mats to ensure proper safety precautions are followed. Sky Dance Studio uses imported aerial silks fabric with extra width and low stretch to make climbing easier.

Our Beginner curriculum

Beginner 1 will focus on starting out in aerial silks; gaining basic strength and learning the foundation moves in our curriculum. Beginner 2 is for our students who have been around for a bit longer, and are ready for stretch goals.

Beginner 2 will have a number of modules, each focusing on an extended portion of our curriculum and preparation for aerial dance. This will include Flow, Strength, Stretch and Conditioning. You will need to complete the requirements for Beginner 1 before you can move to Beginner 2.

Both Beginner 1 and 2 will run at the same time to ensure less disruption to students currently attending classes in our Beginner timeslots. Each Beginner 2 module will run between 2 and 3 months

We offer Aerial silks classes three times a week for over 16 year olds. Beginner classes are 1:15 hours and include warmup and conditioning

Aerial classes for kids:

For kids aged between 10 and 15, we have an aerial class on Saturdays between 9:00 and 10:00. Space is limited and we may require an assessment to ensure that your child has the motor coordination to benefit from the class.
For more information, please email Mari at

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Nicole Tran - Student

"Sky Dance Studio challenged me to become more fit, more beautiful and more incredible on the silks. I have been spoilt by the teachers, the studio and the silks. Great education, great quality and great personalities. I'm so grateful to have found the studio and experienced what it had to offer. Highly recommend to all."

Nicole lives in Australia, as part of an university exchange program she studied in South Africa for 4 months and trained with Sky Dance Studio. Thumbnail Image 1
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